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Pacific Yoga

We have been working with Pacific Yoga for a while now, producing print and signage for their new venture by Finzel's Reach in Bristol. Recently they asked us to review and redesign their website. We have been busy building a new responsive website.  #webdevelopment


Responsive Layout

We created a web design layout that worked beautifully across all devices. 

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Financial Report Design

Our first job for Pacific Yoga was a 24-page investment brochure, which presented the projected financials. It was a simple typesetting job to secure vital investment - it worked! They secured investment, and now we happily support Pacific Yoga with all their graphic design needs in Finzel's Reach.

Pacific Yoga and Cafe Matariki are located just by Finzel's Bridge. We've been helping them along their journey from funding, to building then running a wonderful business combo of healthy food and even healthier yoga!

"It's brilliant!"