Venetia Norrington Photography

We really focused on developing a brand that was personal to Venetia, and one that would compliment her work.

Colour Palette

Print design

Our central theme is Journey - building on a concept that photography captures those special moments in time as we journey though life. Venetia specialises in weddings, engagements, pregnancy, new borns, family portraits. The aim is to be there to photograph a number of events for each client as they ‘Journey’ through life.

Supplementing the theme of Journey are Nautical based graphics which are a homage to Venetia’s father who served on the HMS Venetia (whom she is named after).

Our creative agency was invited to design a new brand for Bristol based Photographer Venetia Norrington. The logo design was influenced from a very nautical family history.

"Though a genius introduction I met Eugene of Blended Creative who, from the first meeting, completely *got* what I was looking for. I wanted a complete re-brand; logo, web design, product branding, social media etc and, after a long (and what felt like fairly painful) search, which I had left me wondering if I had unrealistic expectations and wanted something so unique no-one could deliver, yet understand it, I was found myself excited by the whole prospect again. The delivery of the first draft delighted and exceeded my expectations and I realised I had finally found someone who could get, and formulate, what was in my head, out on paper. Thank you Eugene for bringing Venetia Norrington Photography, to life!".